Information on how to write to friends of the authors of Captive in Iran that are still in Evin Prison

Here is how to address letters of encouragement to the friends of Maryam and Marziyeh still imprisoned in Evin for being Christians:

Saeed Abedinigalangashi Evin Prison Saadat Abad Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran

Farshid Fathi Malayeri Evin Prison Saadat Abad Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran

Important information about what to say, and what not to say

We encourage you to pray for and write a personal letter of encouragement to Saeed and Farshid. You can personalize the letter by sending a family photo. Younger children may participate by sending a drawing, encouraging these men in their times of trial.

When writing your letters or cards, please do not state anything negative about the Iranian government. Do not mention any specific names, foreign organizations or churches that are supporting the efforts to free Christian prisoners. While it is safe for prisoners to receive encouraging letters, naming a person, an organization or church or criticizing the Iranian government could potentially place these Christians in more harm.

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